Hey, you’re in luck, we’re hiring! Think you’ll be a good fit? Awesome, we want to hear from you, just apply below and check out our perks on the way.

Work Perks

You’ve got to love work perks. At Half Dome, we’ve got a few.

Flex Days

Life admin taking up your morning, or a relaxing afternoon bath calling your name? With access to 2 flex days every week, you can choose to start late, or leave early, to get things done.

Thrive Days

Our industry can be a little bit stressful at times. So recharge and reset for longer, with an extra 5 days of paid annual leave. Sound good? Yeah, we think so too.

Wellness Wallet

Your health and wellbeing matter to us. That’s why we put cash aside that’s dedicated to assisting with your mental or physical health.

Half Dome Academy

Get the best out of yourself, with access to training and professional development courses, on us.

Job not listed?

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